PROGRESS...take yourself back

If progress means (noun) forward or onward movement toward a destination and/or (verb) move forward or onward in space or time, then it kind of begs the question, where were you before you achieved progress? When it comes to Project 851, let’s look at the verb before the noun; time was 2014 so coming up 5 years ago before owning this space is part of that answer. Hmmm, as to the noun destination unknown or Haunted House to destination Pink House and Octopus. In this neighbourhood is it possible to progress without recognizing the past, Strathcona has that respectful balance in it’s movement forward. So take a tour of the hood and see what I mean.


Part of the baseline for this Project’s progress was getting the history of the house done — hmmm, look up ya that’s the guy who did it; the one doing the tour of the hood. James gave me a booklet of all the people who had lived here from 1898 on and that’s were progress got integrated into the Project. Taking the old shingle house and moving it forward to a Pink Palace, or just the BIG Pink House; I’m hoping it will progress further and many a Pink Party will be held here.

These images above show the progress of the contemporary. The Pink paint and choices of how it was applied takes the old tradition and gives it a contemporary kick in the window by keeping the color choice monochrome. Victorian and Edwardian houses in the past typically painted the trim and window frames different colors to the rest of the house — walk the hood and notice much of that tradition has been upheld. The mechanical room, or engine room as I call it is another kick in the pants for progress. The entire compound old(Pink house) and contemporary (Octopus) is run from one engine room!! Can we say EFFICIENCY!!!

Awwwweee and for extra fun let’s just toss in another treasure on the road of progress!! Koko!! How can you not love that face? Definitely opening my world even more, moving forward with a lot of dog walking (smile).