PEOPLE -- traces...

Recently, a few things happened to remind me of the people who have lived in 851 Union.

Firstly, as the concrete guys return to deal with the front steps, retaining walls and garage slab… a joyous and familiar feeling returned; these men had become more than trades-guys on the site. Richard, who’s from Sweden, reminded me of how much he LOVED the cheesecake my Mom had made for them. He told me it reminded him of home as they have something similar in the homeland. Well of course, I put in a request and Mom made a new batch for the guys to swarm around — and that they did.

Earlier that week, when touring friends on the site, to my delight a completely different kind of cheesecake arrived. It made me think of cultural differences, as Mom’s cheesecake is a recipe from the old country; the island of Krk in Croatia and it’s specific to that region. The one Susan brought was a delish creamcheese graham crust that made me think of a cultural story a friend mentioned to me. Apparently, in the Jewish culture it’s a tradition that when you visit someone’s home for the first time, you bring sweets; the gesture is tied into the intent of your home always being full of love. There have been many cultures that have passed through this house wearing the skin of a human being cooking up a variety of layered scents.

The second thing that took place came through street party celebrations. Oddly, there were 2 this week that came into my world; one I was invited to and one I stumbled upon drawn towards by an amazing voice singing for the neighbours. The arts seemed to be alive in this happening or street celebrations, as I was enlightened by voice and also sculpture. Greg Snider, is an artist who enlightened me to one of his works super close to the “hood”. It’s the sculpture at National and Chess — yes, true dat I really was clued out to where Chess was. Of course, you can guess my next course of action, a visit to public artwork was a given. What a great piece to discover! It made me think of James Mason, the original owner, machinist and iron worker.

The last recent happening that reminded me of people in the hood and house came from James Johnstone, who does the walking tours in our area. While in the Union Market he shared a recent experience with a few of us about his latest walking tour. Apparently, someone in the group was a clairvoyant, and as the tour progressed she started to reveal things she was sensing. As they toured she mentioned energies of people past, or with out their skin and bones…, that were tagging along enjoying the tour by the sounds of it; ie. one nodding his head in agreement as James was winding up his close to the walk.

Now some may be skeptical of this type of stuff, and true dat, is not bad to be skeptical. I enjoyed the share and went on my marry way to get things rolling out for the week when I came across a neighbour who’s lived in the hood and on Union St. for many years. We chatted and to my surprise apparently little faces had shown themselves in the attic window of 851 union over the years????? What???? This neighbour mentioned that it had always been a bit of a mystery what was up on that floor of the house. Hmmm, like nothing, was my answer as it was an empty attic.

All I can say is happy the haunted house is now the happy house — boy was PINK ever the right color to choose!! Putting the love back in.