PROGRESS -- heading into the home stretch?

"So when's the move in date?", is a question I'm hearing more and more frequently these days.  It would be nice to say "oh October 12" , not just because that is my birthday -- okay maybe it is JUST because that's my birthday.  The truth is it's pretty unlikely it will be October 12th, but at least we'll be closer by then.

As we wrap up August and I look at the progress it's pretty impressive!  Let's see... 

There was an Art Fence installation of a pattern of square oil pastel drawings (on paper).  The pattern is an abstract expression that references the tiles being laid in the Big Pink House:

There was also a terrazzo floor being created;  painting lots of pink painting;  roofing of an Octopus nature, gutters a go-go  and a party to name some of the progress!!

Gotta say August was pretty productive! 

September is going to be a charm;  I just have to sell my house, purge 15 years of "things", develop systems (so the build up doesn't happen again), restore a few pieces of furniture, research technical systems for the move and did I say sell my house? ... know anyone who wants to buy my soon to be old place?  (Willow seems to like it)...