COMMUNITY -- like a good soccer game

It was great to be with friends and strangers at the Local, London Pub on Main and Georgia, where we all watched Croatia take down  Russia in the World Cup this week.   Without a doubt it was an experience full of tension,  excitement and uncertainty until the end.  Wow, what an emotional roller coaster.  

Watching the semi-finals of the soccer match got me to thinking about the dynamics of sport.  One can look at  statistics 'til the cows come home  but I wouldn't bet a penny on it, because the emotional variables are too high and can change everything.  It's like the power of the people, when we're passionate and in sync it becomes metaphysical.  Players can come together and the energy of a crowd singing and cheering can make something magic happen.  That magic connection can blow a goal right out of the water.  Who would have thought Russia could even get as far as they did?  The people, players, home support all came together to push the team forward.  It couldn't have been a better outcome than another slav routed team to take them down;  viva la Croatia!!

After last weeks post I had hoped something metaphysical might happen with the Public Art Fence and miraculously the Ken Foster painting "DJ Spinning" would spin right back to the site!  Ya well that didn't happen.  The miscreant got away with it.  

I'm not one to stay defeated for long and try to find the positive in a situation -- so as they say     "the devil be damned" or in Croatian "i sve zlo snjim".  The intent was to share art with the community and preferably in the street, right?  So, onward Mira,  you can do that.  While doing some heavy duty sorting and cleaning at my present home,  getting  ready for an easy slide over to the Big House, some work presented itself.  Here it fence expanded.

This is the installation on the fence by the Big House and I have to tell you my new little red wagon came in handy; I love it!  There are 20 some odd pieces in the front and more in the back.

Here are a few close ups and the one to pay attention to is the circle and the triangle, which I've been using as an artistic signature for well over 10 years now.  This series of oil pastels on paper are abstractions of shape and each one contains my symbolic signature ( o > )  in the drawing somewhere.  The invitation is open to come on by and take a look (smile).

The circle and the triangle has meaning,  one is community and the other equality; taking it one step further and simply put the intention is respect.  The artistic intention here is looking forward to celebrating a time where we've moved beyond a lens of gender, age, sex, and race discrimination.  

The Octopus fence was also included in this installation, as we have to be fair in the sharing for those back alley viewers.

Eat your heart out Ken Foster lover/miscreant (smile). p.s. thanks to Jerry, musician/writer, who introduced me to that word!

p.p.s. I'll give you a little hint on finding my symbolic signature;  I love the tear of the paper and feel it belongs I also like to play with keeping things right side up, upside down and sideways.

Have fun and if any of this is confusing to you -- just go back and read the previous posts and it will begin to make "some" sense.  Right "Somebody"?