PROGRESS...process to progress

Decided to add more public art to the Project.  Being a Risk Taker, rather than a developer, one finds there are times you are overjoyed and times you are overwhelmed; both resulting in times you might just need to cry.  When I stumbled upon the posters of a public art project I supported some years ago, it seemed appropriate to include them at the site. 

 Acceptable Reasons to Cry in Public, has been added to the fence, where Cameraman so generously contributed his image of the Big House, during it's more haunted looking phase of existence.  Today one of the posters was added to what I'm calling the public art fence.  There are 2 more that will be added as the Project 851 evolves, so keep an eye out as you pass by and watch the public art fence grow.

There is much layered meaning in mark making on a building site, not unlike an art process,  from technical skills, to problem solving, practicing and evolving to mastering one's work.  Sometimes X marks the spot; numbers and letters can let the one picking up the torch know what exists and/or needs to be done;  other times the lines help give you a visual of what is yet to come.  Of course, there is problem solving and testing ideas out, be it in a drawing or hooking up strings.  Finally, as you can see in the last photo, it's just something beautiful in and of itself.                 (ode to concrete and the marker)

Personally, I love the problem solving and maquette stages of mark making.  Working things out is a type of play and can be solitary but usually will include at least one other person along the way.  I find it challenging to visualize spacial relationships in my mind alone.  Taking an idea, or image/drawing, and making it a reality is a fascinating process.  The idea, in my mind, always seems to be BIGGER than it ends up being in reality and over the years I've learnt that about myself.   Learning about oneself and others is one of the more overjoying experiences I find (hahaha not to say it can't be overwhelming as well).

It's all about the learning and watching process become progress.