ART -- nothing like living in a hood where the CRAWL takes place

This last weekend Nov. 15-18th the 22nd annual CRAWL program took place. Artists open their studios and magic unfolds. What an honour to be involved with this group of amazing people.

The program reads like a magazine, so a great way to share the ECCS and it’s brilliance is to give an art lover one as a stocking stuffer. It’s the best time to read and review what the Charity is all about; Take Flight, Exhibition (this year spaces, places and traces), the workshops and Crawl, Studio 101 and the closing Movie night. (oh and a sneak peak at things coming up like Displacement).

Now for the visuals…

This year’s I was not able to buy the art I love because I forgot to put that in the Project budget (smile). But the gods were smiling upon me as dear heart artist, Laura Wee Lay Laq, who’s not a Crawl artist but also loves the ECCS and amazing people involved, gave me a gift!!

Thank you Laura, and may the sun shine on you always!!