PROGRESS -- an evolution

This post is about change, and the last week has been full of these moments. As I typed evolution I thought transformation. These words are both nouns ,so in that regard they’re both appropriate, in reference to the project and myself. Time is required in the case of both words with the occurring result being change. Like myself, Strathcona, and the project of the Big Pink House and the Octopus change is occurring.

This week my present home sold for which I’m very pleased for many reasons. Most importantly because an amazing person is joining the Strathcona community. The one that is personally challenging is the evolution for my life — don’t get me wrong I’m very excited to be moving to the Big Pink House but it is a change no doubt. Over the next few months I will be shedding, further purging, reflecting and growing and it doesn’t matter how wise (or old) you are it doesn’t get easier; it’s just different learning.

These images are of the project transformation: Big Pink House, Hardscape leading to the Octopus, and my future sanctuary . (can’t help taking pictures of the concrete — lovin’ the concrete hag I’ve become).