COMMUNITY -- power to the worker!

To make things happen takes a team, a group of dedicated people, who are inspired by a project, action, and purpose.  It's exciting to be apart of something that manifests into a reality.  Some of those team members in this project are on site.

Who would think that when you take on a building project you develop relationships with such an interesting group of people; architect's, contractors, footing/foundation trades, framers, mechanical specialists, house raisers, city workers, neighbours and the list oges on.  

Many years ago I realized one never does anything alone, opening your eyes to those who work with you, around you, for you, beside you...  That's also when it became important to me remember to thank people for things especially their kindness and personal traits. With the madness of the world today this is not always easy to remember to do, for it requires one to reflect for it to be genuine.  

During this project family has extended to include all the good people who have been interested and belong to the project in one way or another.  This includes those who have lived in or had relatives of the original house and come back to the neighbour hood to visit the community they remember from another time.  It also includes those who live here now and others who didn't even know our "hood" existed.

Some time ago, Marianne asked me to think about a name for the project;  beyond The Big House and the Octopus.  At first I thought it had to be Felliniville, as I always joke my family is like a Fellini movie, but not so sure Federico would approve.  My niece, Natasha and I, over time, have discussed the idea and one day we nailed it -- "D" Village!   

"D" Village is perfect, not only because "it takes a village" as the saying goes, but also because my Mom's name starts with a "D" and is the impetus behind the project itself.

Cheers to community and "D" Village -- working with love.