ART -- random acts of creativity

Is art an object or a way of life?  The definition of art has been posted in the past, (May 22nd) so here's the question; does it applies to the way you live?  Is living a "pure" life  important? ...and what does that mean?  If art is defined by intent then it's fair to apply "pure artistic intent" to how one lives, no?

It's a challenge to all people  to live his or her life this way (with  artistic intent); be creative, take risks and above all do it with love.  That is living purely.  Not all of us can be artists, nor should we,  but there is nothing stopping each and everyone of us from channelling the path of the "pure" artist.  Doing our best to be open (creative), push ourselves that extra 25% (taking risks) and to be honest and respectful (love).

If art is about  being creative and pushing boundaries of technique and questioning what makes it good art?  Good art masters those elements and you feel it intuitively.  Unsuccessful or weak art falls short for whatever the reason; unsuccessful technique or empty questioning/ execution etc.  Bad art doesn't even try to explore these basic elements.  As the song says "it's all about the bass" -- Meghan Trainor go girl!  

Valuing art in a society is pretty much a given (just google value of art and culture in society to see what's out there); ask people an carefully listen to what they tell you.  What is really interesting is that although art is recognized as valuable we are not easily prepared to boldly allocate funds in that direction: allocate to what is the heart and soul of our society.  

Think about that for a moment.  When is the last time, or ever, that you've heard anyone say "oh let's pour our money into the creative sector of our society, it will generate a healthy society"? Perhaps this sounds more familiar "oh poor starving artists, I guess it's the suffering that makes his/her work so great" or "oh we're doing a fundraiser, let's get artists to DONATE, it will be good exposure for them".  Hahaha, laughable and kind of sad at the same time.

Personally, as an individual trying to live with artistic intent, I don't see how a society can move forward otherwise;  we'd just be living history or standing still not progressing forward.  Kind of like, cattle or sheep all running off a cliff.  Einstein has some great quotes about insanity, intelligence, problem solving, curiosity, joy, education, nature, humility and value. Interesting basics to think about.

I have often said I can tell a lot about a person from his or her art collection and self reflection works the same way.  The best part about this intellectual and intuitive game is the dialogue;  a story(s)  that develop through the arts.  On a purely intuitive level one is attracted to certain visual works, dance styles, music, writings etc.  It is what makes us unique and also connects us.  

Why do certain Architects like minimalism over surrealism or abstract expressionism?  All Architects are connected through the "line", at a basic level, and what he or she does with it is sometimes the unique part:  I say sometimes, because as mentioned above as with art there's good, weak/unsuccessful and bad architecture.

Can you guess what type of art your favourite Architect might be attracted to by looking at his or her building design work?  Maybe.  You can certainly tell the difference between abstract expressionist architecture and minimalist architecture.  The discussion then begins with, why would you design a building that looks like that?  By engaging more fully one can understand so many things, but it's only revealed by looking into the layers.

 For instance, the design could have come from a copycat style that is sellable, a movement of popular work and design at the time, a true collaboration with the client, an intuitive form of self expression.  The next layer of enquiry could reveal the design it limited by parameters of present reality, like money, bi-laws, the number of art works on the walls and so forth.  Does that restrict creativity?  

Here's where we go back to choice and the individual.  If you choose to live a pure lifestyle it becomes the challenge of who you choose to work with,  how you work with what you have and want.  Being creative is not often the easy route.  Trying to live that life of artistic intent may not always be successful but worth every effort of the attempt -- it becomes the soul of your existence.  How could that be wrong?

Big House (or hit the heading) , this week shows some photos of visual interest through the eye of attempting to live life moment to moment applying artistic intent.

Note;  Apologies to all pure photographers: I possess  heartfelt admiration for your knowledge and understanding of light --these images are a digital phone capture of moments.

Let me leave you with one last thought.  If you get a chance to see the movie of Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s  ENDLESS POETRY you'll understand.