Very Soon!!!

So should I go back and edit all the Blogs so it sounds like everything is easy, smooth and happy happy days?  Hell no!   However, it is time to report that the we have a Building Permit!!  Oh yaaaaa, partaaaay this weekend was a celebration of kinda not believing it!  Life gives us what it gives us so best we take stock of the good moments.   Friday was one of those good moments.

Fortuitously, before I got the news, that is exactly what I did, take stock of the moment.  After meeting Marianne, Harley and Reece on site to go over what we should keep for the project I spent the better part of the day with the Camillia shrub and the Big House.  

Moving from room to room I sucked in the moment.  Observing the quirky composition of finishes, small nightmares (but according to reports maybe not so small), gems that we can't use like doorknobs; did you know doorknobs aren't allowed any more? -- ya, I was surprised about that silly "new" rule...  I continued for some time and took a ton of cuttings with the hope they will  explode roots and carry on.  All the time I had a song going through my head and here it is...

It's a song I actually know the words to so, only natural for me to become a humming, singin' machine as I wandered about.  I usually charge extra for that but was feeling generous that day.

Gardening is such a relaxing pleasant activity, and since there wasn't anyone there to help me with it I'll bring it to you via photos.  Well there was a lovely young man who came by on his bike that stopped to enjoy the blooming Camillia so we chatted.  He told me all about the Polaroid company and I shared the flowers with him.  

It was a good day.  It was later that day Marianne called saying "Building Permit" is a go!! -- salvage here we come.  Yes, it was a good day.