I'm a Developer?...

Hmmm?  Well, if a Developer is a person with a naivete and intuitive sense of "doing" based on the right thing, than I guess I'm a Developer.  

Heading, full on, into Project 851 was a journey of  trusting  that all would work out; building homes for family with a focus on aging in place.  There is  a fine balance between steering the boat, yet at the same time,  leaving enough space for the boat to float.  In life, this is the magic formula to truly living and staying healthy and grounded, as I see it.  If you're too rigid, you have no fun, and if you're a flighty delighty you're never grounded or truly connecting with humanity.  

At first, I didn't pay much attention when others referred to me as a Developer but now that we're a year into the "process",  maybe I need to pay attention.  

Marianne , the Project architect, told me, "Mira going through the permitting  process is like having a baby.  It takes 9 months to get a project off the ground in Vancouver.  Just think of it that way, it's like the birthing process."  I love Marianne, but at this point I'm thinking  "This baby is so overdue and should have come out at least 3 months ago".  So we'll just say "Soon... maybe soon-ish would be ideal", as it's getting kind of uncomfortable with this kid still waiting to pop!

Architects and Contractors are super important to work with a project like 851.  I tried looking for good links to dating professionals in these two fields.  There is some good information in the Contractors link but think you'll agree the Architects win this round.

 Reece , the Project contractor,  has the patience of a saint,  wealth of knowledge at his fingertips and can quickly let me know how much more things are costing with all the changes (thanks city planning dept.) and delays.  Reece has been in the business for more than 20 years and is in the know of all the procedural changes the city have gone through and what we are now facing.  He and I have has some good conversations and he has patiently let me vent and blow off steam while waiting for the shovel to hit the ground. 

When it comes to the City, I hesitate to share my experiences as we are still in the "soon" stage of getting that final building permit.  There was no link available for dating a city staff professional.  I will however, say there are two women there that are outstanding in their capacity to reason and understanding how things can move forward; in Development permitting that would be Kaye and in Building permitting there is Kelly.  We can be grateful for their skill set, knowledge and common sense.  

My eyes have been opened during this process and my understanding grows to intimately understand why affordable housing is an oxymoron for Vancouver.  Do we want to be green? Do we want to be affordable? Do we want to be creating communities?  Well having all these good things as goals and then not make it easy to achieve them creates a problem(s).

In my opinion, the demands on professionals is excessive.  I've heard it from all levels; government staff, professionals, trades people and the average "joe" in the community:  Change is coming and this inevitable growth is not the problem but how one is being treated and the cost of attaining it most certainly is problematic.

Walking in this city, on my way to see a movie Kedi, I took stalk of value we have while in the moment; Kedi, is worth seeing and teaches us about what matters in contributing to a city of community.  Here are some photos of my journey to the movie Kedi  --photos by a naivete and intuitive Developer.

p.s. Wolfie, aka as Bigglesworth (my circlle), is a cat living in Strathcona; a character who owns the street and makes no excuses to no one no how!!