Basics plus changes...

Getting a Building Permit requires a LOT of energy, compromise in addition to back and forth; my heart goes out to professionals in this area.  As I've said before it is astounding how much work goes into getting to a point where building can begin.  Yes, we are still waiting and the team is moving to satisfy the "powers that be" to get to the start/finish line.  

Knowing what I do now, would I have taken on this project? Possibly.  

Would I have driven head on into the back of the "non-compromising" truck? Yes.

Would I have made different choices? Absolutely.  

Would I have stayed with our design?  Without a doubt.  

Would I have had different questions during the process? Oh ya!  

Would all this have mad a difference?  Who knows.

Hears to hoping an announcement of comes through for the start/finish line next week!!