COMMUNITY -- yes it's 3rd week of November again!

And that means the ECCS (Eastside Culture Crawl Society) holds it's annual visual art festival the CRAWL!! It's my pleasure to share some of the best and "hood" gems.

Above: Esther Rausenberg, long time resident of Strathcona and Executive Director of ECCS at work and scores a stool!  note: if you picked up one of those programs take the time post-crawl to have a tea or coffee and dig in digesting it from cover to cover (it reads like a magazine even if it is called a program).  Louise Francis-Smith is also in one of those photos above, with Connie Sabo who made the cover of the Georgia straight, who is a brilliant photographer and long-time resident of Strathcona as well. 

2nd Row: Sharing the art work of Esther Rausenberg, Richard Tetrault (who's studio space/gallery is on Georgia st)  and my other soon to be neighbour Ewan McNiel (these neighbours live across the alley from 851 union!!).  I can feel their creative juices flowing into the project already!!  

3rd Row:  Just down the street from 851 Union there's the Union Market, LOOOOONNNGG time supporter of the ECCS.  Oh and look there's that other soon to be neighbour, Pillow fight, Erica under the tent of Pantages house. 

Of course, we need to have a thank you party for wonderful people who help make ECCS thrive and succeed.  Sure, "no problem I'll host",  I say -- hahaha that was before my 3 days of being a culture vulture, but somehow when it comes to a party I can be rejuvenated. 

Above:  Zach, the astute dog who sees food in my hand and decides he's my best friend.  George Rammell with his piece that will be going into MOA down the road and what I thought to be crows, but are really  Ravens by Dieter Schlatter!

Finally below images included of what will be coming to the Project 851!!  -- the lights I fell in love with and the big print block (this one done by Jerry Whitehead and his son Jerome) that will be made into doors:  I have 2 more -- by artists Susan Point and Connie Sabo!