And the New Year begins...

Yes, and still waiting ...

Like an innocent climbing wacky stairs eating my greens and feeling like fish woman we still have not received the building permit.  Ahhhhhh...

So I imagine a surreal place where  the "to be or not to be? - Project" would actually take place. I think of cool things that could be possible, like working with elements of the old and making it new which has always appealed to me.

And since one can't put life on hold.  One can suspend it in thoughts of  texture or textile, weaving our way forward even it you're the lone wolf, or in this case a ceramic installation being the only one looking in the direction of the future, taking in the color and scent of reality.

Not afraid of the light, eating greens or the 7 deadly sins pinata makes for a hopeful path forward; always forward never back as they say.

The story continues with perspective; giving with pink splashes of layered street art references to a stunning way forward in the landscape of building something interesting.

One can't hold back when it comes to opening windows and looking into the garden and space.

The special ingredient to success is fun, especially when you have nature, an old lady swinging in the park, a few octopus tentacles and a flying happy face orb in the mix!

In close of this chapter I'd say we can't go wrong with some dots connecting into a pork fest.  If the back story leaves you curious, I suggest taking me out for dinner to ensure getting all the juicy permitting details.  After all, might as well make it worth my while and no doubt you'd be entertained.