Special weekend in Chinatown

This week it will be a short entry for a meaning full last 4 days.  Honouring the people who have come before us and the community we are.  The Big Print Project -- Chinatown  took place at the plaza in front of the Sun Yat Sen gardens and it was one of the most interesting experiences I've had the pleasure to share in my own city in a long time.  Heading into this area every morning to set up for the days art project was eye opening.  The artists involved in this project are Canadian Chinese and First Nations and some of the most generous people I've had the pleasure to meet, interview and work with over a humble 4 days.  The stories shared and told through visual images of print making with a steamroller left me speechless with gratitude.  I was not alone to see this special viewing unfold.............enjoy 1) everyone watching and 2) a sample of the work shared. Thanks to all who came and especially: Richard Tetrault, Esther Rausenberg, Gerald and Debra Pedros, Jerry Whitehead, Connie Sabo, Greg Sabo, Kee Toy Woo Joseph, Corey Bulpitt, Haisla Collins, Jeanette Lee, Sharifah Marsden, Sylvia Wong, June Yune, Cody Lecoy, Brendan Rausenberg, D'Arcy Humblman and my family who came out to appreciate this amazing work.