It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Still waiting for the Building Permit, and grateful I'm not doing direct negotiations with the city, I celebrate Architects -- specifically the wonderful Architect Marianne Amodio.   Fingers and toes crossed that my xmas present is a building permit wrapped in a BIG red bow!!  

 Learning is the journey of this project on so many levels.  As I wait, watch, question and learn many many interesting things come my way.  Here's a link to another architect in Strathcona Mr. Joe Wai.  I find it interesting that 851  union is the neighbour to one of the 51 Joe Wai specials in our "hood". 

Also preparing for when the Building Permit actually arrives, means sorting out what things  need to find new homes.  Here's a couple of pieces that will find a new life somewhere else:


This great belgian victorian dresser has been in the house since at least 1930 (see the Big House section) as the names carved into the piece, Mike and Polly, fit the names of the children in the Kalanj family.  I'm not positive but wouldn't be surprised to discover if it even belonged to the original owners.


This art deco sideboard is also a great piece that will need to start a life somewhere else.  The history of how it came into the house is a mystery.  I'll have to give it a more thorough search for children's carvings in case it reveals some clues.