In honor of the upcoming Eastside Culture Crawl....................(20th anniversary)

As the Nov. 17 - 20th exciting event nears..........I've decided to showcase photography.  The 20th anniversary for the Eastside Culture Crawl Society, is quite the achievement for this wonderful neighbourhood.  The beautiful photos shared are  taken by a truly talented artist/photographer Esther, who is a neighbour to 851 Union St. 

 Esther Rausenberg, is the Executive Director of the ECCS and her partner Richard Tetrault is one of the founding member of the organization.  Esther has lived in the neighbourhood for 35 years or more and a passionate Vancouverite, through and through.  Esther has photographed 851 Union st. over the years and generously shared some of her images with me.  Here are 5 featured this week; actually more than 5 but......oh take a look for yourself (smile).


This is Mrs. Lau, who lived in the house for many years (see the Big House section for the history of who has lived here over the years).  Mrs. Lau, from my understanding, took great pride in her home and was often seen tending her garden and fussing in the yard.

These 3 images show the yard and back of the house (for closer view check out the Images section).  The centre photo is a lovely perspective of the shed that is no longer there;   the blueish green color of that structure is so stunning.  It's interesting that when I went to the City to see what was on file for the house and property the only thing on record was a reference to this structure and how it once existed.  In our project it will be the space of an artist studio.


In this last set of images I love how Esther has captured such a playful charming side of Mrs. Lau's life at 851 Union St.  I am grateful to Mrs. Lau for her time lived in the house and Esther Rausenberg for capturing these moments!!        Thank you Esther!!